Hand selected products for the everyday equestrian.

All of our offerings are tried and tested by us to bring you the best in equestrian products.

What makes TTU different?

Not "just another tack shop"; we are a collection hand tailored to the needs of the everyday equestrian. We hear your needs, respect your choices, and ALWAYS put the horse first.

At TTU we have three main philosphies driving every business decision we make. Read more below:

  • Quality

    A focus on quality means making sure only the best ingredients, materials, and durability lay within the products we provide.

  • Tested

    All of our partner brands have been carefully reviewed, along with extensive product tested conducted by our founder. Please reach out to us to hear our experience with any of our products!

  • Reasonable

    Along with ensuring quality through testing, we also conduct a reasonability check. Going back to the basic needs of the everyday equestrian and ensuring this product aligns with those needs.

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